The Bougie Business Woman's Werkbook


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If you are just starting out, or aren't seeing the results you desire, the Woman In Business Werkbook was made for you. 

Take it back to the basics and learn how to start, build, and launch a business from scratch. 

This educational, informative, interactive, and INTENSE workbook will teach you the definition, strategies, processes, and purposes of choosing a winning product, business planning, identifying your target audience, developing your brand's voice, automating your business with sales funneling strategies, social media marketing to maximize your reach, and using your audience to create recurring sales.

In this workbook you will create a:

  • Business Model
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Brand identity Strategy
  • Sales Funnel Strategy
  • Social Media Influence Strategy
  • Mass Marketing Strategy
  • Discount & Sales Strategy

for your business. This werkbook is HEAVY. You will learn more than you've ever learned from any other business education related product online. 100% Guaranteed. 

Tip: Save this for a Friday evening in. Put your phone on silent. Get your favorite snacks, maybe a glass of wine - and lock in. Building a business is a vibe when you're doing it with the confidence this werkbook will give you. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Olandrea M. Cabiness (Houston, TX)
Valuable, Liberating & AMAZING

This is a book worth buying, it’s so value in so many ways to entrepreneurs. For me, this book helped me organize my thoughts for my business. Also, as an Executive Brand Manager this book helps me with my position for the brands I work with……. I looooove this book !!

Priyah Morris (Clovis, CA)

I am a business starter. I would like to say that this has saved my life! Sooooo many different things to learn in this book. Did I mention that it is sooo cute? Because it is!

Destiney Monroe (Saint Paul, MN)

I absolutely love this workbook. I definitely have trouble organizing my thoughts and this workout helps so much. Definitely worth it 100%