The Money Motivated Marketing Plan Template 

The Money Motivated Marketing Plan Template 


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FACT. The most important steps you’ll take in your business will have something to do with marketing.

Why? Because marketing is what makes your business worth it. You can create an amazing business, with a super professional website, bomb products, and 5 minute shipping times (I joke!), but it won’t mean anything if people:

a. Don’t know you exist
b. Find out that you exist but for some reason they don’t like you.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to create a marketing plan and strategy that appeals to your target audience. This marketing strategy will be the guide of how you will create brand awareness for your business but also create a like-able brand that will actually get your prospects (potential customers) to the point of purchase.

In this template, we will outline exactly how you will market your business. Then you will go out and create strategies that align with this marketing plan. This activity is not for fun, it is for results. You will set goals, then refer back to this plan to track, analyze, and tweak them.

 So, enough chat — there’s money to be made. Let’s get started.

Note: This template is also featured in the Bougie Businesswoman's Werkbook. If you have the work book, you do not need to purchase this template.

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Customer Reviews

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Chriaria McGowan

I bought a few different templates from here as I’m going through I’m seeing why I love them so much . It explains everything very well and the outcome gone be great if you follow the instructions.

Nicole Meeks (Dallas, GA)

I looove these guides I’ve purchased more than one because they are so straight to the point and provide the guidelines I needed!

Ava Little (Atlanta, GA)

This marketing course was just what I needed. I have been meeting my goals and it has helped me come up with new ways to market my business.

Alexis Walker (Long Beach, CA)

This business crash course is so effective. It helps me create targets, monthly goals and a tangible plan to execute my sales goals.

Tiarra Bagley (Waxahachie, TX)

With this e-book I learned how to promote my Instagram post to get more exposure to my business page!