The Bougie Babe Digital Sticker Set

The Bougie Babe Digital Sticker Set


Welcome To Sticker Heaven!

Our Bougie Stickers are the perfect addition to any planner or notebook! Bring your books to life with the extraordinary stickers. 

We pride ourselves on using colorful, comical, and chatty stickers to brighten our bougie babes’ days! 

No more boring, washed out stickers. Your planner is ready to GLOW with these stickers. With over 7,500 to choose from, these stickers will make your planner STAND OUT and keep you motivated to keep going.

The Exclusive Business Moves Digital Sticker Set is a digital download of 2,500 planner, organizational stickers. Upon purchase, you will immediately receive it via email. You can then print it on sticker paper, and cut the stickers out yourself or with a professional sticker cutter for my dedicated sticker babes! 

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