The Bougie Lifestyle Planner


So we’re about to take 2021 to a whole other level. I knew you were going to be Booked and Busy so I needed to make a planner that could keep up with everything you have going on.

This planner is not only going to help you accomplish your goals, it will also help you keep up with Self-Care days and help you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. 

Success is planned and this planner is just the one you need to accommodate the lifestyle that you lead. 

I know you’re all about having multiple businesses, sipping wine with your girls, staying fit, drinking your water, and slaying your goals. And this planner helps you with all of that.

Most planners just accommodate your career, but I knew as Bougie Women, you would need something more to keep track of your on-the-go Bougie Lifestyle. This planner was made especially with you and your lifestyle in mind.

So hurry and purchase the Bougie Lifestyle Planner because, I know that your time is money, and this planner is going to help you manage your time, and collect those coins. 

Get a sneak peak at the 2022 Bougie Lifestyle Planner: Click here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marquesha Howard (Chicago, IL)

I’ve started a new business since and I feel way more organized🤗

Tasha Shoemo (Pensacola, FL)

This is my second year with this planner and I LOVE it! It keeps things running smoothly and includes great tips. I will definitely be ordering one for 2022.

Nyonna Watkins (Clementon, NJ)
Pretty and convenient !

My 2nd time buying from her! LOVE my journals and planners! Im very picky and searched hard for different planners that fit this aesthetic and use and couldnt find any other. 5/5 - processing time was much quicker this time too

Natasha Matthews (Chicago, IL)

Needed a planner to strategize my week better. Couldn’t have asked for a more Better quality product.

Sonia (Dhanbad, JH)
Just amazing!

I got this planner to stay organized and concentrated for this year. I want to achieve all the goals I have for myself and this planner is surely helping in my journey!