The 2022 Bougie Lifestyle Planner


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The Bougie Lifestyle Planner is the best planner on the internet for women who value the finer things in life, and live this truth every day. The Bougie Lifestyle Planner isn’t your typical boring “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...” planner. 

It’s packed with goal setting & goal setting activities, manifestation mantras, and self care guides to make sure that you’re prioritizing yourself every single day. 

& Now, you can choose between the Jumbo & Jam-Packed version or the Skinny & So-Essential Version based on your life & schedule’s needs. 

The Jumbo & Jam-Packed version is a full goal-setting and life upgrading experience. 

It includes: 

  • Yearly, Monthly, & Weekly Reflections
  • Guide To Decluttering Your Life Of Last Year’s Mess
  • Self Improvement Activities To Manifest A Better Life
  • Yearly & Monthly Vision Board Projects 
  • Yearly, Monthly, & Weekly Goals Assessments 
  • Skincare & Fitness Routines
  • Health Reminders 
  • Yearly Bucket List
  • Monthly Self Care Challenge 
  • Monthly Calendar 
  • Weekly Priorities 
  • Weekly Self Care Check In 
  • Daily To Do Lists 


& For the babes who just need a stylish, actionable planner to help you stay on top of your daily tasks and self care needs, the Sleek & So-Essential version has all of the powerful pages above except: 

  • Monthly & Weekly Reflections
  • Yearly & Monthly Vision Board Projects 
  • Monthly & Weekly Goals Assessments 
  • Skincare & Fitness Routines
  • Health Reminders 


No matter the version you choose, this planner will help you get & KEEP your life together. You’ll stay focused on your goals, reflect on your life and learn more about yourself as you go through life’s challenges, and remember to take care of yourself (something we often forget!). 

This planner is bougie babes who aren’t afraid or ashamed to admit that they’re bougie. They know what they deserve, and they’re going to get it -- then they’ll mark it off in their Bougie Lifestyle Planner. 

Commit to revamping your life and finally giving yourself the life you deserve. Your first step: Getting the Bougie Lifestyle Planner!

Get the full premium planning experience with The Bougie Lifestyle Bundle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sjhona Petersen (Columbia, SC)
It’s nice but outdated

It’s a really beautiful planner, however with me purchasing it in August 2021 i assumed it would be a 2021-2022 planner but it’s only a 2021. Which really defeated my purpose 😩.

Hello Sjhona, this is Simone, Khila's assistant. I am sorry that your expectation of the planner was not met. The website does state that the planner is in fact a 2021 planner. The 2022 planner will be coming soon as it gets closer to the end of this present year. Thank you for choosing the Bougie Brand. We appreciate your business.

Elan Martin (Atlanta, GA)

This really help me with starting my business and a new thing in life

Marquesha Howard (Chicago, IL)

I’ve started a new business since and I feel way more organized🤗

Tasha Shoemo (Pensacola, FL)

This is my second year with this planner and I LOVE it! It keeps things running smoothly and includes great tips. I will definitely be ordering one for 2022.

Nyonna Watkins (Clementon, NJ)
Pretty and convenient !

My 2nd time buying from her! LOVE my journals and planners! Im very picky and searched hard for different planners that fit this aesthetic and use and couldnt find any other. 5/5 - processing time was much quicker this time too

Natasha Matthews (Chicago, IL)

Needed a planner to strategize my week better. Couldn’t have asked for a more Better quality product.