Bougie Business Basics 101: How To Set Up A New Business For Beginners

Bougie Business Basics 101: How To Set Up A New Business For Beginners


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Okay ladies, it's time to get in formation. Focused, female-preneur, and fearless formation. 

This 3 HOUR course is PACKED with information & is the BEST investment you can make in yourself. You want to start a business with knowledge, security, & a plan? This is how.

This course is specially made for aspiring female-preneurs who want to get started and get started the right way. It is packed with lessons, tips, tricks, secrets - literally everything you'll need for starting your business. 

In this course holds:

  • In this course, I go over IN DETAIL:

    • - Turning your passion into profits
    • - Identifying a market for your business using a unique customer profile
    • - How to obtain, contact, and securely pay vendors, order samples, and stock inventory
    • - Dropshipping
    • - Packaging, Pricing, & Shipping
    • - USPS vs. Fedex
    • - How to form an LLC. & trademark your business
    • - How to pay taxes for your business
    • - LLC. vs INC.
    • - How to maximize your brand awareness to increase conversions
    • - Getting a Logo & Website
    • - Influencer Marketing
    • - How I use Facebook & Instagram Advertising for $1,000 Daily Profits

Please note that this is an online course. You will automatically receive the digital download via email upon purchase.

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Customer Reviews

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Ray Hope (Minneapolis, MN)

I’m telling you, if you’re confused on where to start. She’s def dropping jewels on what to do and everything else you need to know. I just took out a pen and pad to take notes. I really appreciate things like this because people don’t be wanting to help the next person. Keep doing what you’re doing.