The Big Book Of Business Moves


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The Big Book Of Business Moves is your best friend and worst nightmare when it comes to your business.


It's the secret weapon you've been waiting for that will help you totally transform your business, take it to the next level, and help you reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. 

It holds you accountable. It's going to force you to put more work into your business than you ever have before.

Day in and day out, you will be: 

• Assessing your budget, income to expense ratio, and investments
• Executing tasks that align with your objectives & goals 
• Completing daily CEO maintenance tasks such as checking in with your team, checking inventory, creating social media content & email marketing campaigns, shipping out orders, providing customer service - oh honey, it's time to get to work. 
• Assessing your progress, sales & re-grouping to improve each week. 

The Big Book Of Business Moves is HEAVY, both physically and content-wise. 

This book & planner combo includes: 

  1. A Welcome From Khila, Founder & CEO of the Bougie Business Brand
  2. A Guide On How To Use This Planner Effectively
  3. A Detailed Guide On How To Start Your Business Through Product & Service Curation, Brand Development, & Marketing Implementation
  4. 125 Bougie Business Tips On Business, Branding, Marketing, & Scaling
  5. This Quarterly's Business Goals Guides With Guides 
  6. Blank Monthly Calendars
  7. Monthly Business Objectives With Guides [Pictured]
  8. Monthly Budget Template [Pictured]
  9. Monthly Cash Flow Planner [Pictured]
  10. Monthly Expenses Template
  11. Weekly Planner For Goals, Sales Goals, Book Reading Goals [Pictured]
  12. Weekly & Daily Checklists With Tasks Every Business Owner Should Do On A Weekly & Daily Basis [Pictured]
  13. Weekly Schedule [Pictured]
  14. Weekly Reflection [Pictured]
  15. Quarterly Reflection 

Made for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, the Big Book Of Business Moves is the answer you've been waiting for. Get the Book, Get Moving, & Get Your Business Together. 

Please be advised that this is a QUARTERLY planner. In business, you plan your business by quarter. 
• Quarter 1 - January-March
• Quarter 2 - April-June
• Quarter 3 - July-September
• Quarter 4 - October-December

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sexi MND Collection (Lancaster, CA)
Absolutely Love organization!!!

This product allowed me to get a lot more organized with my business. It has a lot of helpful information that you don’t realize you need until you read the information it gives. It gave me a better start with my new business and it gave a refresher with my business I already have. It was a really good buy my favorite would be The Big Book Of Business Moves!

Ariel Spencer (Westland, MI)

The reason my business is flourishing <3

Justice Harris (Birmingham, AL)

I love everything about planning so when I came across this particular planner I already knew I had to have it. Once I got it and started looking and reading through, I knew I didn’t waste my money! I love how she made this business planner for businesses that’s already established , instead of just for businesses starting out! I plan on opening my new business in August and this book is exactly what I needed to get all my things done! It has me checking areas that I didn’t even think about when I first started my business back in 2017! I HIGHLY recommend you get this product! And oh let me not forget! The material of the book is DEFINITELY high quality!

Connie Griffin (Milwaukee, WI)

I believe this is my new journey I got so many ideas and goals to set.

Amanda Henry

Got this planner to help me stay focused on my business for 2021. It's been helpful and I've been applying the business tips to my business. Thanks Bougie Brand!