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So I know you’re probably thinking, “Sticker book? I’m not in 1st grade anymore” But let me explain. This book is filled with 2000+ stickers that will allow you to customize EVERYTHING in your life.  

I like for everything that I’m involved with to have some flare and to really show my personality.  That’s what this sticker book will allow you to do.

You will be able to remind yourself of Self-care Sundays, check off tasks creatively, and just take everything that you’re doing to the next level with this sticker book.  

If you’re anything like me, and you used to have gel pens in different colors so you could customize your notebooks the exact way you wanted it, that’s what these stickers are for.  

They are perfect for the Bougie Lifestyle Woman that wants to stay organized and cute at the same time.

So don’t sleep on this sticker book, they sell out fast and I’m telling you everyone that buys this book comes back for more, because let's be honest, you can never really get enough of these cute, Bougie Lifestyle stickers.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenise Holmes (Louisville, KY)
BOUGIEEEE💕 best stickers ever!

I love the big book of stickers, it’s literally a sticker for everything you need, I will definitely be ordering again. These stickers will definitely keep you organized.

Elan Martin (Atlanta, GA)

This book is amazing

Waltella Haywood (Riverside, CA)

I can't wait to get my 2022 planner.