The Bougie Business In A Box is the ultimate business starter kit for new entrepreneurs. Consisting of carefully curated materials that are sure to take you from start to finish. It legit has EVERYTHING you need to start working on your launch right now. Tired of buying countless e-books, vendor lists, and courses? Good, because that stops now. The Bougie Business In A Box is your last stop on on the struggle train. It's time to get to work, for real.

Big Book Of Business Moves Daily Business Planner
Made for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, the Big Book Of Business Moves is the answer you've been waiting for. Get the Book, Get Moving, & Get Your Business Together. 

The Big Book Of Business Moves is your best friend and worst nightmare when it comes to your business. It's the secret weapon you've been waiting for that will help you totally transform your business, take it to the next level, and help you reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. It holds you accountable. It's going to force you to put more work into your business than you ever have before.

Day in and day out, you will be:
• Assessing your budget, income to expense ratio, and investments
• Executing tasks that align with your objectives & goals
• Completing daily CEO maintenance tasks such as checking in with your team, checking inventory, creating social media content & email marketing campaigns, shipping out orders, providing customer service - oh honey, it's time to get to work.
• Assessing your progress, sales & re-grouping to improve each week.
The Big Book Of Business Moves is HEAVY, both physically and content-wise. 

Bougie Business Babe Journal
Working on your business is something you need to do with purpose, passion, and Bougie Business Style. That's why we've created our very own, exclusive notebook especially made for our Bougie Business Babes. Fill this notebook with business plans, brand strategy ideas, notes from analyzing your competition, map out your profit margins, and so much more. When people see you writing in this notebook, they'll know you are not be played with.Do not lose this and do not let anyone see it until you've made your moves.

Big Book of Business Move Stickers
Let's be real, working on your business can be difficult and stressful. And using the Bougie Business In A Box, especially for new entrepreneurs, will be overwhelming at times as you'll be learning and implementing a lot of new information. Make it fun with our book of 2,000 bougie & business-related stickers. These stickers will remind you to package orders, help you to keep track of important days like "Social Media Scheduling Day", help you celebrate accomplishments like meeting your sales goal, and hype you up with cool ones like "Pretty. Paid. Poppin" & "Bout My Business"

Bougie A$$ Diamond Ballpoint Pen & Ambitious AF Book Mark
Because I want to make sure everything is on brand, even the bookmark and the pen you use will be bougie. The bundle comes with the AMBITIOUS book mark so you can also go right back to where you are in your Big Book Of Business Moves and the Pretty In Pink Diamond Ballpoint pen so you can take notes in style.

Ticket to the Bougie Business Blueprint Webinar
Our hour long webinar on how to start a business the right way. Our CEO, Khila talks about her own strategies for creating winning business models and launching brands. She goes into detail about different strategies she uses like why she prefers Shopify over Wix, exactly what she says to influencers when she reaches out to collab, and more. It’s extremely detailed so make sure you are ready to take in all of the information.

Choice Of E-book Guide In Hair, Beauty, Or Fashion
Teaching you how to create the foundation, build, launch, and scale a business in your respective industry.

Choice Of Vendor Vault (100+) In Hair, Beauty, Or Fashion
More than 100+ industry specific vendors in each vault. These vendors are added to the vault based on quality, affordability, trendiness, and responsiveness. They offer wholesale with low minimum order quantities, drop shipping, and private labeling. Each vault has a great range and you’ll definitely find what you need in them.

Packaging Vendor Vault (50 Vendors)
More packaging vendors than anyone will ever need (LOL) but when we come across a new one, we always add it! It consists of 50 packaging vendors that can offer you high quality and custom mailer boxes, shipping boxes, mailers, silk bags, product boxes and so much more than can help you boost your customer’s delivery experience.