A special announcement from our Khila:


For 2022, we’re getting deep into our business bags. 2021 was a rollercoaster. If you had a rough year in business, don’t beat yourself up because you were not alone. There is no entrepreneur fully equipped to deal with the curveballs life keep throwing at us. Gas prices, a new Covid variant every week, and chile - I live in New York and it was 50 degrees yesterday just 11 days before Christmas. 

Life has been hard and so has been running a business. If you struggled this past year, 2022 can be the year you re-calibrate and turn it around, if you have a game plan on how to do so. The Bougie Business Bundle can help you do just that.

It includes: 

  • The Bougie Businesswoman’s Werkbook will help you create your business plan, brand identity strategy, marketing plan, and sales funnel. You’ll be building your business from scratch, all within this workbook and by the time you complete the last page, you’ll have a strong business that you can work on launching. This workbook is an absolute essential for those who have not yet launched their business and for those who are seeing no results in their business and need to start from scratch. 
  • The Big Book Of Business Moves is the best business planner in the world. It motivates you. It helps you set business goals, work on them every single day, and track your progress using data and analytic strategies. It’s business management made easy. &, It comes with 125 bonus business & branding tips. 
  • The Big Book Of Business Moves Stickers makes running your business fun. With over 2,000 stickers, you’ll never miss a trip to the post office or the start of a marketing campaign. 
  • The Bougie Business Babe Journal is where you put all of your new ideas. Keep this out the way. Real bosses move in silence. No announcements, just moves. 
  • Also shipped to you is our Signature Diamond Ballpoint Pen and HUSTLE Bookmark to complete your ultimate bougie business kit. 


& For the rest of 2021, it comes with digital bonuses including: 

E-books On: 

  • 100 Business Grants You Can Apply For
  • How To Fund Your Business 
  • How To Build Business Credit 

Courses on:

  • Business Beginner Basics [First Steps, Shopify, Shipping Orders, Etc.]
  • How To Run Facebook Ads For Beginners [I created this course after making my first 300K in revenue from Facebook Ads]
  • How To Set Up Automated Funnels, Pop Up, & Email Campaigns [I’ve made 400K alone from my funnels and campaigns. It’s essential for passive income.]
  • How To Set Your Business Up Legally With Registrations, Licensing, Trademarks, Copyrights & How To Set Up A Business Bank Account [A Must Have]


  • Access To My Database Of Over 700+ Vendors In Fashion, Cosmetics, Skincare, Hair, & Lifestyle. Don't get too stuck on the vendors! The true value is that unlike most of those who have business aspirations, you won't just be sitting on a vendor list. You'll have actual game plans on how you're going to launch your business, the vendor list is a PLUS for you. 
  • & Finally, I've added my new book, The Bougie Blueprint which details my experience as an entrepreneur and my journey of building a 7 figure e-commerce business. On my launch day, I made $20. Now, I make 500k+ annually. In this book, I detail how I do it.

This bundle is packed with essentially everything you need to start your business off strong for 2022. It’s made for those who are serious about using 2022 to build additional streams of income, successful e-commerce businesses, passive income, & side-hustles. It’s for those who are ready to apply themselves. 

Online businesses are projected to make over
$400 billion dollars in 2022. As a e-commerce entrepreneur, I plan on getting some of that coin. If you do, get actionable, invest in the Bougie Business Bundle, and get started on your business today. 

Payment plans available via Shop Pay, Klarna, Zip Pay, Sezzle, & Four.