Klarity Call With Khila

This call is for both aspiring & established entrepreneurs that have questions they need answered and problems they need solved in their business ideas. 

During this 45 minute session, you can ask me anything you want or present any current issues you’re having in your business. 


Questions / Problems / may include: 

  • No idea where to start 
  • Vendors, manufacturers, & wholesaling 
  • Need help with drop shipping 
  • Website Audits 
  • Social Media Audits 
  • Not getting any sales despite trying 
  • Not sure how to market 
  • Not sure how to price products 

We can over topics such as: 

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads 
  • Google Ads 
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Social Media Engagement 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Text Message Marketing 
  • Website Aesthetics 
  • Product Development 
  • Packaging 
  • Shipping & Logistics 
  • Drop Shipping

Klarity Calls are best for those ready to begin their business journey or those who have begun their journey and are looking for help during that journey. It is not best for those who are not sure if they want to become an entrepreneur. 

You will leave the session with your questions answered and a written down outline of your goals, objectives, and tasks needed to execute.