Are You Ready To Launch That Business You’ve Been Dreaming About For Years?

The Bougie Business Woman’s Werkbook is a 500+ page reference & guide book for aspiring female entrepreneurs.
Each page will take you on a journey of:
  1. Identifying your passion and purpose
  2. Creating your business plan
  3. Choosing, sourcing, and setting up your product
  4. Building your website
  5. Marketing your business to achieve a minimum of $300+ in daily sales and growing to thousands of daily revenue.

    It’s a business course & coach in one, just without spending $1000s of dollars.

    This werkbook includes:
    • Interactive pages like the business plan template, the marketing plan template, and the sales funnel template so you can create a written, actionable plan for your business
    • A vault of 30+ daily planner templates specifically made for entrepreneurs to use to run their business' day-to-day operations
    • Tips, tricks, and step by step advice on how to market your business on social media, work with influencers, plan a brand’s content photoshoot
    • & SO MUCH MORE.

    Whether you want to start a nonprofit, build a skincare brand, or even become a certified microblading artist - this werkbook has a step by step guide on how to fulfill your dream of being self-employed, self-paid, and self-made.

    & For a limited time only, this Werkbook includes a BONUS guide on how to start investing in cryptocurrency. Multiple streams of income, here you come!

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