About Me

Hey there! I’m Khila, Founder & CEO & I’d like to welcome you to The Bougie Brand.

A little bit about me — I started my entrepreneurial journey in college a few years back, when I started SHE Muse, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women of color find themselves in college.

I hosted networking events, workshops, panels, & community service initiatives — all made for the purpose of teaching women of color how they can elevate their lives through their careers, connections, and confidence. SHE Muse was fun, and I was really making an impact in my community like I had hoped for, but I needed MONEY and if it’s one it wasn’t doing - it was that. So I decided to put profits to my passion and enroll in school to become a certified makeup artist. (Mind you - this was always during my sophomore year at college!)

Once I became certified, I used to take clients in my dorm room on campus. I also started selling lashes under my beauty brand, K’s Doll Kollection.

Enter - Khila, the serial entrepreneur.

Around this time, a lot of people caught on to what I was doing and started to express their admiration for my hustle. A lot of people also started asking me for business advice, now that I’d had experience in not-for-profits, sales, and services for clients. People started asking me to meet up around campus so they could ask me business questions.

& After weeks of taking time out of my day to sit with people and teach them what I could about launching a business — it dawned on me, I could charge for this! & Why shouldn’t I? I was giving up my time, and sharing my experience and expertise and helping people achieve real results by launching their businesses. I was doing the damn thing & deserved me coin!

Enter - the Bougie Business Brand, which saw massive success immediately, both in revenue and client results. I’ve helped thousands of women get their businesses started, revamped, and producing revenue.

Even with my efforts of helping women start businesses, I still noticed there was a lack of successful entrepreneurship amongst women. I dug in a bit and did some research and discovered that women often lacked the confidence to fully take on the risks that starting a business required. Because of our own personal struggles with anxiety, depression, procrastination, and just life overall - women struggle with effective planning, time management, and simply juggling with all life consists of.

That’s when I realized that my true passion was not simply in helping women start businesses but it was in helping women gain the confidence to do whatever they want to and to finally get actionable in doing it. Whether that be becoming a business owner, a stock investor, a real estate mogul, a content creator, or a corporate gal — my goal is to help women realize that with effective planning & strategizing, intentional self-care, and aligning your lifestyle with your ambitions — you can create the exact life that you want. The Bougie Brand is responsible for helping 12,000+ women achieve this and I’m committed to help thousands more through manifestation, mindset, and money moves.