The Hustle Bookmark

The Hustle Bookmark


Are you a Hustler? Because this bookmark is for my true Hustlers out there!

The Hustler that always finds a way to succeed no matter what.  Like when THEY tell you No, you keep going, type of hustler. 

See, you’re mistaken, if you see this and just see a regular bookmark. 

For one, you should know, that I never do things regular, I do it Bougie.  And what this Hustle Bookmark represents, is someone that always starts from where they left off.  

See, if you haven’t started anything you don’t need the HUSTLE BOOKMARK.

If you don’t intend on finishing anything you don’t need the HUSTLE BOOKMARK.

But if you’re here, I know you’ve already started something and you’re probably close to finishing, and accomplishing your goals.  But you need a little help continuing on.  That’s why you need this bookmark.  

This is for you if you want to always finish what you started like a true hustler.  

And if you’re anything like me and have to see everything through, the Hustle Bookmark is going to be the perfect addition to your lifestyle and help you keep up with your notes, books, ideas, and etc. 

So finish what you started and purchase the Hustle Bookmark. You’re literally so close to the success you’ve been working for. 

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