The 6 Best Planners For 2022 For Goal Setting, Productivity, and Organization

The 6 Best Planners For 2022 For Goal Setting, Productivity, and Organization

Planners are an essential part of life organization. They help keep track of all your most important dates, reminders, and notes, all in one place. With so many planners available on the market, however, it can be difficult to choose exactly which one is best for you. In this guide, we will be going through the top six 2022 planners valued for productivity, lifestyle, and organization, so you can find the planner which best suits your needs.

Whether you are launching a new business, busy with work and family, or just need some extra organization in your life, we have the perfect planner for you.

Here is our list of the top six 2022 planners available on the market:


 The Bougie Lifestyle Planner

One of the best planners on the internet that is designed for women who value the finer things in life, and seek to incorporate them into their day-to-day lifestyle. This planner is far from the boring, traditional work planners as it is filled with goal setting activities, motivational phrases, and self care guides to keep you on track all week in your professional and personal life.

Best features: 

  • Guides To Declutter Your Life
  • Self Improvement Activities To Manifest A Better Life
  • Skincare Routine Tracker
  • Fitness Routine Tracker
  • Monthly Vision Board Creators
  • Weekly Self Care Checklist

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Tip: Upgrade to the Bougie Business Bundle to get the Thinking of A Master Plan Notebook, the Big Book Of Bougie Stickers (2,500 Stickers), The Signature Diamond Ballpoint Pen, and the HUSTLE Bookmark Indulge in true luxury, productivity, and bougie-ness! You deserve it. 

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The 90 Day Goal Getter Planner

This planner was created to encourage you to work with a goal. You will be able to set simple goals and focus 200% on achieving them for 90 days. Thanks to this beautifully designed planner, you will be able to create new habits, change your lifestyle, increase your productivity, and gain self-confidence. With a specific focus each week, you will take control of your life to become the best version of yourself possible.

Best features: 

  • 90 Day Goal Suggestions
  • Weekly Habit Tracker
  • Weekly Manifestation Mood
  • Gratitude Journaling 
  • Weekly Reflecting & Venting

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 The Big Book Of Business Moves

    Are you looking to organize your work time and tasks for better overall productivity? This planner is your must-have secret weapon to reach and surpass your professional goals. It is divided into the 4 quarters of the year to give you a better view of the year's progress, and contains 125 tips on business, branding, marketing, and scaling that will help transform your business plan results.

    Best features: 

    • 125 Business Tips
    • Guide On How To Start A Business By Creating A Product, Website, & Marketing Strategy
    • Quarterly Business Goal Guides
    • Monthly Budget Template
    • Monthly Cash Flow Planner
    • Monthly Expenses Tracker
    • Weekly Business Planner
    • Daily Business Checklist 
    • Weekly Business Reflection 

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    The Bougie Business Woman’s Werkbook

    This planner is the ideal tool for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey to learn how to start, build, and launch a business from the ground up. In this planner, you will have the chance to create a personalized business and marketing plan and benefit from the many branding strategies the planner offers.

    With this workbook, you will create: 

    • Business Plan
    • Business Model
    • Marketing Plan
    • Brand Identity Strategy 
    • Sales Funnel Strategy 
    • Social Media Influence Strategy
    • Mass Marketing Strategy 
    • Discount & Sales Strategy 

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     *NEW* The Budget Bestie Pocket Planner

    Looking for a smaller planner to plan and track your finances and budget? It is often said that the best way to save is to manage the money you already have. With the Budget Bestie, you can determine your essential expenses, build a budget, and stick to it while monitoring your daily checking balances, savings, income, and expenses.

    Best features: 

    • Income & Expenses Tracker
    • Savings Tracker
    • Money Moves Strategic Planning Workbook Pages 

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    101 Planning Templates For A Bougie + Balanced Lifestyle

    Are you looking for a downloadable template for a daily planner, meal planner, family schedule planner? In this list of 101 planning templates, you can access a digital download of printable planners in pdf format to use in your daily life. Once you start using them, event and activity organizing will become a hassle-free and even enjoyable part of your life. Get unlimited prints for a one-time payment, the most affordable option of the top six planners! 

    Best features: 

    • Daily To Do Lists
    • Daily Maps
    • Task Simplifiers 
    • Weekly Plans
    • Detailed Monthly Layouts
    • Habit Trackers
    • Family Schedules
    • Budget Planners
    • Meal Planners
    • Notes 
    • Printable Stickers

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