That's None Of Your Business

That's None Of Your Business

I was listening to the BAWSE Talk podcast by hair industry guru Courtney Adeleye when she said something that made me stand up and cheer:


“What people think about you is none of your business.”


Look, as an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, you’re going to get hit with all types of negativity and doubt from naysayers, haters and even people you love.


They’ll say you’re “doing too much.”


They’ll try to convince you that your industry is too crowded and there’s no room for you.


They’ll encourage you to keep your “safe” job and forget about starting a business.


But again, what they have to say about your life, business, legacy and future is none of your business. Period.


You see, the only thing you should be worrying about are the things you can control (because you have zero control over what people think or say about you).


So, I want you to shake off every ounce of negativity anyone has ever thrown at you and refocus your energy to building a successful business that has:


  • Gorgeous visual branding that appeals to the kind of customers you want to attract and matches the quality of the products you sell.


  • Incredible customer service that reminds customers you don’t just value their money; you also care about their experience.


  • A unique approach that pivots away from the same old boring thing everyone else is doing and gives people a fresh way to enjoy the products they love.


Now, that’s the stuff you can control, and we know you’re more than boss enough to handle that. But even still, you don’t have to handle any of it on your own.


Being a boss means you know what you want and you know where to go to get the wisdom and guidance to get it. And that’s where our e-books come in.


We break down things like business models, social media advertising, community building, profitability, revenue-generating activities and so much more to take you from idea to full-fledged bougie business babe.



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