Thank You!

Thank You!

Hey everyone! It's Khila, Founder & CEO of the Bougie Business Brand. First & foremost, I just wanted to thank everyone that purchased the Ultimate Business Moves Bundle, the Big Book of Business Moves, and the Bougie Business Babe Journal. 

I worked extremely hard to make sure it touched on all of your pain points when starting and running a business and I'm happy to see that you all are happy with the results!

My main goal with the Big Book Of Business Moves was about taking a new step in your business every day. I wanted to remove the unrealistic pressure of overnight success and guide you all in the steps you need to take every single day to begin to see actual results in your business. 

​Right now, I want you to claim elevation in your business: successful advertising, influencer collaborations, increased social media following and engagement, aesthetically pleasing branding, automated funneling systems, orders to ship every single day. & Now, I want you to put it into action with the 
Ultimate Business Moves Bundle.

Every single day, I want to see you: 

• Assessing your budget, income to expense ratio, and investments
• Executing tasks that align with your objectives & goals 
• Completing daily CEO maintenance tasks such as checking in with your team, checking inventory, creating social media content & email marketing campaigns, shipping out orders, providing customer service 
• Assessing your progress, sales & re-grouping to improve each week. 

These are all actual tasks my team & I do every single day for all of my businesses, including the Bougie Lifestyle Brand & the Bougie Glow. I love running my businesses, but it's a lot of work and I take pride in helping other women entrepreneurs make it a little easier on themselves. 

& Now, if you didn't get to take advantage of the Ultimate Business Moves during the launch, I'm happy to announce that we've just got a new batch of inventory! We've restocked 100 new bundles and they are available NOW. Get yours right here.

If you've just joined the email list and want some additional detail about what's in the book, see below: 

1. A Welcome From Khila, Founder & CEO of the Bougie Business Brand
2. A Guide On How To Use This Planner Effectively
3. A Detailed Guide On How To Start Your Business Through Product & Service Curation, Brand Development, & Marketing Implementation
4. 125 Bougie Business Tips On Business, Branding, Marketing, & Scaling
5. This Quarterly's Business Goals Guides With Guides 
6. Blank Monthly Calendars
7. Monthly Business Objectives With Guides
8. Monthly Budget Template 
9. Monthly Cash Flow Planner
10. Monthly Expenses Template
11. Weekly Planner For Goals, Sales Goals, Book Reading Goals
12. Weekly & Daily Checklists With Tasks Every Business Owner Should Do On A Weekly & Daily Basis
13. Weekly Schedule
14. Weekly Reflection 
15. Quarterly Reflection 

To view pictures of the pages and make your purchase, click here.

If you are planning to invest in the Ultimate Business Moves Bundle, I suggest you act fast.  I want to see everyone make some moves this month! 


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