New Year. New Branding. PERIOD.

New Year. New Branding. PERIOD.

How many of you have decided that this is the year you're finally going to take your business seriously - you're finally going to take an actual step towards launching instead of just dreaming about it. 

Well, I'm here to push you to take your first step - with us. I'm going to get right to the point. Today, we're having a sale on our famous branding boards.

Branding boards are the foundation of your company's brand identity & theme. It's your brand's vibe and energy and that is exactly why it;s important it's done a professional that understands how to make a logo that is NOT CUTE, but IS MARKETABLE, something your target audience will both relate to & trust. And that's what we specialize in here at the Bougie Business Brand. 

We're not into glitter logos, childish theme, and obnoxious illustrations. We're about sleek & sales-based logos backend by the contents of our branding boards. 

Most graphic designers sell just logos, but honestly, really, truly - that is not enough to get you off your feet. 

Our branding boards consist of: your logo, your typography guide, your color palette, and your mood board. We help you build the brand story of your business. This will make it a lot easier to purchase your product from your vendor, execute your photoshoot, build your website, and create your marketing - essentially, everything needed to launch. 

But enough chat, today & TODAY ONLY - we are having a 50% off sale on all of our branding boards. Yes you everything I mentioned (your logo, your typography guide, your color palette, and your mood board) for HALF THE USUAL PRICE. I really just want y'all to take this first step now while you're motivated for the new year. 

My team & I look forward to help you start building your brand story. Click here to check out logos we've done for past clients & get yours!


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