How To Take Professional Images With Your Smartphone

How To Take Professional Images With Your Smartphone

Building your brand is about connecting with your audience. One of the most important ways to do this is visually. It can be challenging to find an affordable photographer to capture your products when starting your business. However, we have great news! You don't need a professional to create amazing images! This blog will give you the steps you need to use your smartphone to get quality images that will excite your customers and captivate your target audience!

1.  Create Your Set

You will need to designate an area and clean it of any clutter. You do not want anything to get in the way of your photoshoot. This area needs to be a flat surface with enough room for a plain backdrop and a light source. A white or grey backdrop will provide a clean look and plain enough not to distract from your product. You can purchase large pieces of white paper non a role for Amazon, Walmart, or any craft store. Soft lighting is typically the best for all products. If you are on a tight budget, natural sunlight is excellent, so make sure your set is near a window! If you are looking to invest in photo production, you should research lighting equipment, such as a light tent or softbox kit.


2. Positioning Is Key

Place your product in the middle of your set and carefully examine the area to make sure there are minimal shadows. Focus on making your product look natural. If you are shooting clothes without models, make sure they are clean, ironed, and free of any tags. Smaller products like accessories often need to be invisibly propped up. For example, if you are photographing earrings, stick them in your backdrop so the hang naturally. If your product is hollow like a purse or hat, a hat or bag, fill it with a t-shirt to appear full. Get creative!


3. Optimize Your Phone's Camera Settings

  • Clean your lens with a soft cloth.
  • Focus on your product by tapping the screen to focus on your product manually.
  • Turn on image stabilization
  • Do a quick Google search to see what other features your specific smartphone can do.


4. Here Is a List of MAJOR DONT'S that'll ruin your photoshoot:

  • NEVER use the flash. If you need to brighten your image, you can do that during editing, to give it a more natural look.

  • TRY not to use the zoom feature. Zooming in on your product breaks the pixels and makes it look grainy.  

  • DON'T use the auto filters. You can add presets to your photos before posting them on social media to give your aesthetic the professional uniformity that will attract uniformity.


All of the tips above will give you a great base, but the real magic happens when editing your images. Stay tuned in because next week, we will be providing easy tips to edit your photos and app suggestions!


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