3 Tips to Help Solopreneurs Market  Like Pro

3 Tips to Help Solopreneurs Market Like Pro

Marketing is the key to success in every business. Many entrepreneurs, especially in the beauty and fashion industries, often spend so much time on their product/packaging that developing a marketing strategy often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Marketing should always be a significant portion of your business plan because your business will not reach its full potential without it.

Here are 3 tips to help busy entrepreneur's consistently and effectively market their business.

Create a Marketing Plan in Advance.

Having a written plan ahead of time will keep you from getting overwhelmed and save time. Pick one day per quarter to develop larger-scale marketing plans for the upcoming quarter. This includes any events, website updates, product launches, service changes, special offers& promos. If you are unsure about product launch timing, check out our Big Book of Business Moves to get marketing tips, revenue tracking templates, etc.

Next, you need to focus on smaller, more specific marketing projects. Choose one day per month to plan content for the following month. This is when you'll plan your email campaigns, blogs, lead magnets, and social media strategy.

Develop A Content Creation Strategy

Now you have a plan for what to your audience, but you still need to create the content.

Designate content creation days to spend time creating graphics in apps like Canva or PicMonkey, recording promotional videos, writing quality social captions, and email sequences. In the beginning, content creation may seem very time-consuming. However, as your skills grow and you get into a flow, you will create useful content faster.

Use Scheduling and Automation Tools.

You can have a ton of great content, and none of it matters because you forget to post it, or you don't share it with your audience at the right time. Research your target audience's digital patterns. When are they online? What time are they most likely to open your email?
Then find a social media scheduling tool like Later and an email scheduling system such as Mailchimp to plan out your content in advance.

Remember, marketing content aims to attract new customers and quickly convince them that your products solve a problem they have! Without a solid marketing plan, you can not take your business from a hobby to powerhouse status!

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