3 New Instagram and Facebook Features Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

3 New Instagram and Facebook Features Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

Whether you are just starting your business are have an established brand, it is crucial to stay up to date on new social media tools. Social platforms are constantly updating and adding new features that are often created to help entrepreneurs run their businesses.   Here are a few of the latest updates to Facebook and Instagram every business owner should be aware of to help market your business and connect with your audience.

Shops on Instagram and Facebook

You can now create a customizable shop for your products directly on Instagram. These Shops are similar to product tagging, but you don't have to leave Instagram to purchase the item! Your customers can now browse and buy your items in just a few clicks. Utilizing this feature will raise your conversion rate because it makes purchasing your products so convenient. 

Share you live videos directly to IGTV

Going live on social media is a very effective way of growing and connecting your audience. They get to see your personality and some exciting behind the scenes of your brand. Being able to save your Lives to IGTV is a great way to create content for your target audience for more than 24 hours!

Messenger Rooms

This new feature will be excellent for your business and a great way to stay connected to your family and friends. Essentially, Messenger Rooms allows you to video chat (similar to Zoom without the chatbox) with up to 50 people! The best part is that you can invite people into your room that don't have a Facebook or Instagram profile. Just snd them a link. 

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